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CARHA Hockey

Suspension Reporting

Why we ask for suspensions to be reported to CARHA Hockey:

It is important that CARHA Hockey is aware of all suspensions within member leagues and teams in order to ensure that all those participating in CARHA Hockey games are eligible to do so. By reporting suspensions it decreases the risk of liability issues, allows CARHA Hockey to serve as a support mechanism to leagues, and ensures up to date information is being documented.               
Given the popularity of adult recreational hockey in Canada the possibility exists that a player deemed ineligible due to suspension may choose a different league to participate in while suspended. This leaves both CARHA Hockey and any leagues involved exposed liability wise – for example if an ineligible player engages in any further inappropriate actions or behaviors in another league. Therefore, informing CARHA Hockey of suspensions maintains a level of accountability for the league issuing the suspension. 
Suspensions issued by leagues are made with the overall best interests of the league in mind and as such keeping CARHA Hockey informed provides leagues with the support of a National body and strengthens the decisions of its members.

Should you have any questions regarding suspension reporting, please contact us

Click here to report a suspension to CARHA Hockey