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CARHA Hockey


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CARHA Hockey

What is CARHA Hockey?

CARHA Hockey is a national, not for profit, charitable sport organization who is dedicated to providing resources and benefits to the adult recreational and oldtimers hockey industry in Canada.

Where is CARHA Hockey located?

1420 Blair Rd, Suite 610
Ottawa, ON K1J 9L8

How do I contact CARHA Hockey?

Tel: 613-244-1989 / 800-267-1854
Fax: 613-224-0451 / 866-345-1975
Staff contact list


What is CARHA Hockey membership?

Being a member of our organization gives Canada’s adult recreational and oldtimers hockey players, teams, and leagues the opportunity to become part of CARHA Hockey and receive the tools and benefits that assist in providing fun and safe hockey environments.  

How much does CARHA Hockey membership cost?

CARHA Hockey provides an all inclusive Membership package for $23 per player

What do I receive with a CARHA Hockey membership?

  • $10 million in Liability Protection extended to all players, coaches, managers, and trainers
  • $5 million in Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
  • $1 million in Errors and Omissions
  • $10 million in League Executive Coverage is extended to the identified members of the executive at no additional cost
  • Additional Insured: Liability protection extends to the municipality, facility, and any businesses or sponsors involved
  • Player on Player liability coverage
  • On-ice accidental Medical, Dental, and Death benefits for each player
  • Spare Player Program: for every five full-time players registered, CARHA Hockey extends FREE coverage to one spare player
  • FREE League website: we provide the website and pay the hosting fees
  • Scheduling Application: Built directly into the website, leagues are able to create their schedule without all of the work and aggravation
  • Stats Tracker: Built directly into the website, leagues can automatically track team and player stats
  • Scheduling Services: Let CARHA Hockey develop your schedule for you
  • Game Sheets for each game of your season
  • League organization and management assistance
  • Official Certificate of Insurance, Roster Listing, and Privacy Cards

Hockey Insurance

What does the insurance cover?

For a full breakdown of the insurance coverage view the Insurance Chart .

I've been injured while playing hockey - what do I do?

If you have had an accident while playing hockey and you are a CARHA Hockey Member, you will need to submit the Sport Accident Claim Form within 90 days of the accident to the CARHA Hockey office. For more information on submitting a claim contact us.

Coverage is in place providing members have been seen by a doctor or dentist within 30 days from their date of injury.

*** Important: All original documents must be submitted with the Sport Accident Claim Form or it can not be processed.

*Please note that member players/referees are required to wear the minimum prescribed facial protection equipment of a 1/2 visor and internal/external mouth guard or they will not be permitted to submit claims for facial and/or dental injuries.

I have Primary Coverage through my employer or spouse, why do I need CARHA Hockey's Insurance Coverage?

CARHA Hockey's Insurance Coverage acts as either your primary or secondary coverage. If you currently have primary coverage with your employer, your spouse’s employer, or another insurance company you must submit all receipts to them first and then subsequently to CARHA Hockey, as CARHA Hockey becomes your secondary provider, which provides the coverage for the remaining percentage that was not covered by the primary provider.

I've submitted my claim and treatment receipts to CARHA Hockey - what do I do now?

Once CARHA Hockey's claims representative has received your Sport Accident Claim Form along with your receipts, your file will remain open for 52 weeks from the date of your injury. Continue to collect and send us your receipts which can be faxed or mailed to the CARHA Hockey office. Expect a 2 – 3 week turn-around time for all claims to be processed. If the information on this form is incomplete, there may be a delay in processing your claim.

Is the liability coverage extended to off-ice activities?

CARHA Hockey offers its Member teams and leagues the option to purchase Host Liquor Liability coverage for $95 per event. Contact us with your payment and details of your event and we will provide you with the necessary Certificate of Insurance. CARHA Hockey also provides tournament organizers with liability protection via our Affiliated and Original Six Tournament Hosting Support Package.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Insurance?

Please indicate on your registration form, online file, or email us to indicate that you would like to receive the Certificate of Insurance that is included as part of the CARHA Hockey Membership Program. Be sure to include the name(s) of the additional insured as you would like to appear on the certificate in order to comply with the requirements of municipalities across Canada. Once we have received all the necessary information one will be sent to you by email, mail, or fax. If you have not indicated that you would like to receive a Certificate of Insurance simply notify our office and one will be prepared for you.

How do I make a change to my Certificate of Insurance?

Please contact our office via email, phone, mail, or fax to let us know of any changes to be made to your Certificate of Insurance. We will have a new one created and mailed/faxed to you within 48 hours.

How many spare players can we have on our team?

Although Membership fees do not apply to spare players, coverage is extended to these players under the team or leagues umbrella. Each team is permitted to carry one (1) spare for every five (5) "paid" players.

How many games can a spare player play?

Spares must be registered with CARHA Hockey and are permitted to play five (5) games or less before they are required to submit membership fees.

What is a Confirmation Report?

A Confirmation Report is your official CARHA Hockey receipt and roster. This report will tell you exactly who is registered to your team, what type of CARHA Hockey membership is in effect for each player, if they are a spare, recurring or regular player, and it will give you an account summary of the membership fees received.

What is a "recur" player?

A "recur" player is one who plays for more than one (1) CARHA Hockey registered team. CARHA Hockey only requires players who play on multiple teams to pay membership once. For each consecutive team that they are added to they will be marked as a "recur" player and those teams will not be charged for their membership. It is up to the Team Reps to ensure that their "recur" players are in fact officially registered to their original teams before submitting the roster. If not, that team will be responsible for the player’s membership fees.

How do I verify if this player is registered to another team or not?

We make it easy for you! If you are not sure if a player is registered to an existing team please contact us and we will verify the player’s status for you.

What is an illegal line-up?

An illegal line-up means you have surpassed the permitted number of spares you can carry on a team. If a team has exceeded the permitted 1 spare for every 5 "paid" players ratio then their roster will appear as an "Illegal Line-up". Should you have too many spares on your roster please contact us in order to make the appropriate adjustments.

Can I make changes to my roster?

Player changes to your roster can be made on line, via email, mail or over the phone until January 15, 2015. After this deadline all membership fees will be non-transferable and non refundable.


How do I register my team or league with CARHA Hockey?

Team or league registrations can be submitted one of four ways: online, mail, fax, or phone. Simply send us your complete rosters and contact details along with your membership fees and we take care of the rest! To find out more about how to register for CARHA Hockey's Team/League Membership Packages, contact us to discuss the many time saving registration options available.

Can I pay online or do I have to send a cheque?

Membership fees can be submitted via cheque, money order, or Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard only). You can mail cheques or money orders to: CARHA Hockey, 1420 Blair Rd, Suite 610, Ottawa, ON, K1J 9L8. Credit Card information can be submitted via our secure on-line registration system or over the phone.

How will I know when CARHA Hockey is done updating my league file?

Once you have completed and submitted your team or leagues online registration, please allow up to 48 hours to have the information inputted and processed.

How do I register new players?

  • Online - Player changes can be submitted through the online registration method. Please contact us in order to make arrangements to receive your username and password.
  • Phone - Changes can also be done over the phone. Simply contact our office with the players name, address, phone number and birth date along with a valid credit card number and we will update your roster accordingly.
  • Email/ Fax - Player additions can also be made in writing via fax or email. Just be sure you have indicated your payment method before submitting your additions.

Hosting Tournaments

When can I expect to receive my tournament package?

Tournament packages are generally sent out in order to reach their destination approximately one week prior to the event, however this time frame may vary slightly. Should you require your package earlier, tournament packages can be sent out earlier upon request. Please note that CARHA Hockey must receive the Tournament Support Form a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the start of the event in order to guarantee delivery of packages.

Can I track my tournament package?

Should you be concerned as to the location of your tournament package, please contact us and your package can be tracked within 24 hours of your request.

Can I pay online or do I have to send a cheque?

You are not able pay your tournament host fees online at this time. You can submit the Affiliate Tournament Host Support Form online but are not able to make your payment online. In order to make your payment email or call our office with your Credit Card information.

Can I get prizing for my tournament?

Yes, visit our prizing page for more information.

Can CARHA Hockey help with advertising our Tournament?

Yes, CARHA Hockey offers a variety of options to enhance the awareness of an event.

  • Tournament Finder: for those events who purchase one of CARHA Hockey's Tournament Host Support Packages they receive a free listing on CARHA Hockey's national online Tournament Finder (see Quick Finder to the right). For those who choose not to purchase Tournament Host Support they are still able to advertise their event on the Tournament Finder for $29.95 per year.
  • Online Advertising: for events that are looking for more exposure CARHA Hockey provides online advertising on our corporate website. The cost of the ad space is dependent on the location selected. View our advertising rates or contact us for more details.
  • E-newsletter Advertising: CARHA Hockey delivers news and information across the country to our members via our monthly e-newsletter. The e-newsletter provides an opportunity for events to run feature stories, contests, and ads. Contact us about e-newsletter advertising

What type of tournament support do you offer?

CARHA Hockey provides two hosting packages for organizers. Depending on the tournaments requirements you will select from the Affiliate Tournament Package and the Original Six Tournament Package. Should you require further information, please contact our office.

Does the Tournament Host Package include host liquor license coverage?

Yes, Host Liquor License Liability protection is included in the tournament when a Special Occasion Permit is obtained.

Do you have promo items or prizes we could use as MVP prizes?

For CARHA Hockey merchandise, visit our shop page and contact us with your order.

Provincial Tournaments

How can I register my team for a Provincial Tournament?

You can register for a Provincial Tournament by printing off the registration form and submitting the completed form by email, mail, or fax along with the required deposit. Provincial Tournament Registration forms can also be sent to you by fax or mail, upon your request.

Can American teams participate in CARHA Hockey Provincial Tournaments?


Where can I find a schedule for the Provincial Tournaments and a map to the arena?

The team representative from all participating teams will be sent the tournament schedule as well as a map to the arena in an email sent upon finalization of the schedule. The schedule is also posted approximately 10-14 days prior to the tournament on

What rules are followed at the Provincial Tournaments?

The specific tournament rules followed at the Provincial Tournaments will be sent to the team representative, by email prior to the start of the tournament. For general CARHA Hockey rules, check out our Rule Book

I would like to register for a Provincial Tournament, how do I know if there are still openings?

You can contact the CARHA Hockey office to check for possible openings in a tournament. Tournaments sell out quickly, it is therefore important that you register your team as soon as possible. Should there not be room in the tournament upon receipt of your registration, your team will be put on a waiting list and contacted if any spaces become available.

When are tournament fees due and what methods of payment are accepted?

The minimum deposit of $300.00 must be received in order to confirm your team's entry into any of the Provincial Tournaments. The remaining tournament fee is due 2 weeks prior to the start of the tournament.

What type of prizes are awarded at the Provincial Tournaments?

Each season we provide different prizing for all Provincial Tournaments, and the prizing is not selected until the summer prior to the season.

Can our team stay at a different hotel than those listed as event hotels?

No, CARHA Hockey works with the selected event hotels to provide exclusive pricing for tournament participants.

How can I make changes to my roster for a Provincial Tournament?

It is possible to submit changes to your team roster, in writing, by email, mail, or fax to the CARHA Hockey office. Please note that once the schedule has been built, changes must be approved by CARHA Hockey.


What constitutes a legal helmet?

All players MUST be wearing a CSA approved helmet with the chinstrap properly fastened while on the ice.

Can you help us find Referees for our Tournament / League?

Yes, CARHA Hockey offers an online National Referee Registry search tool (see Quick Finder to the top/right) where officials promote their skills and services for tournaments and leagues to contact them to officiate.

Where can I find the CARHA Hockey Rulebook?

Rulebooks are available upon request to all member teams free of charge (one (1) per team). Additional rulebooks may be purchased for $6.00 each by contacting us. If you’d like to access our on-line version of the official rulebook please click here.


Where can I purchase CARHA Hockey merchandise?

CARHA Hockey merchandise can be purchased by visiting our Shop Page by clicking here. Also, merchandise can be purchased at most CARHA Hockey Provincial Tournaments.

Do you sell jerseys, or other customized merchandise?

CARHA Hockey works with suppliers to receive exclusive pricing options for jerseys, as well as most other merchandise. Contact us to order customized jerseys and merchandise and to find out more details.