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CARHA Hockey

Board of Management

CARHA Hockey's Board of Management Annual General Meeting will take place in September, 2017 in Ottawa, ON.

2016 Board of Management

CARHA Hockey recruits qualified individuals to serve on its esteemed Board of Management. As a not-for-profit organization, CARHA Hockey has a well-established Board, which serves to oversee all of the association’s programs and services on a routine basis. The selected candidates are both nominated and elected by the association’s membership base and will remain in their position for a previously established period of time.

To view a listing of our 2016 Board of Management, click here.

The Role of the CARHA Hockey Board of Management

The particular role of a CARHA Hockey Board of Management member is to voluntarily assist in the fulfillment of the association’s core mission, while respectfully acting as an organizational representative. This includes serving as an ambassador of CARHA Hockey as well as emulating the fundamental values of the organization. For CARHA Hockey and the elected individual to ensure there is a fit, each recruit will begin their stint with the association as a Hockey Advisor and will be mentored by a current Board of Management member for a period of one year. At the conclusion of this term, the CARHA Hockey President, Board of Management and the said individual will sit and review their tenure to assess their suitability and interest.

Please review the CARHA Hockey By-Laws for further details regarding the composition, powers and legal responsibilities of the Board.

CARHA Hockey Board of Management Regional Representation

  • British Columbia Director
  • Western Region Director (Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Territories)
  • Ontario/Québec Region Director
  • Atlantic Region Director (Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and PEI)

(Should any significant governance changes occur at the Board of Management’s meeting, these terms may be adjusted in order to manage an effective transition).

Nomination Process

To date, nominations may be submitted online, by fax, and by mail-in-ballot as prescribed in the association’s By-Laws.

Voting Process

Once a new nomination cycle commences, a Nominations Committee will review all submissions received to date. Following this, an official list of candidates will be comprised and distributed to members eligible to vote*. Voting typically takes place over a one-month period of time.

** Each member league convenor and team representative will be responsible for voting on behalf of the entire league/team. These individuals are only eligible to submit one vote in total and these votes are limited to the candidates in the member’s designated region.