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CARHA Hockey


This program is for teams that play in tournaments, skate in organized pick-up and shinny, or that play against other teams around town.

Sport Accident Insurance Coverage: 

Our roots are based on delivering the right amount of insurance coverage for our members. We provide you with only the coverage you will likely ever need for the game of hockey. You spoke and we listened – price is important with the right amount of coverage.

  • $10 Million Liability Insurance with Certificate of Insurance
  • $5 Million Directors and Officers Insurance
  • Sport Accident Insurance for your participants including: Dental, ambulance, physiotherapy,chiropractor, athletic therapist, prescription drugs, etc.
  • Lowest price – allowing you to save hundreds of dollars in comparison to other national programs

*Any individual that CARHA Hockey recognizes as a registered member in good standing has coverage when involved in a CARHA Hockey approved event.  An approved CARHA Hockey event/activity takes place at the direction and with the approval of the CARHA Hockey.

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