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Hockey families across Canada face a familiar dilemma: How do you cook for kids who are on the ice six nights a week and eat dinner at different times each evening? The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families provides the answer: simple, easy, nutritious meals that kids will eat. This book is filled with tips and tricks to relieve the stress on busy hockey parents, whether they’re juggling meals at home or trying to come up with some- thing nutritious on the road.

In this book, 27 hockey and skating stars, such as Kyle Turris, P.K. Subban, Cassie Campbell, and Tessa Virtue, share their recipes and their secrets for how they prepare for the big game and how they feed their muscles afterward. With hockey embedded in the design and in every recipe, tip, and trick, this book aims to delight and inform aspiring hockey players, figure skaters, and the whole family support team.

Erin Phillips cooks for her husband, Ottawa Senators defenceman Chris Phillips, and for three very active children, all of whom spend most nights on the ice. She studied human kinetics at the University of Ottawa and is a registered nutritional consulting practitioner, specializing in sports nutrition. Erin lives in Ottawa with her family and enjoys playing recreational hockey.

Korey Kealey runs two fast-growing food businesses, Kitchen Konnected and enerjive inc. She’s a media spokesperson for food companies, a food stylist, and a recipe developer. She is also co-founder of enerjive inc., which makes the innovative Quinoa SKINNY crackers that are a big hit in the health-conscious world. Korey lives in Ottawa with her husband and three children, all of whom spend a lot of time on the ice.;


“Learning the importance of nutrition has had such an impact on the way I feel on and off the ice. Congratulations to Erin and Korey for giving kids today a head start on a healthy lifestyle with The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families.”

Chris Phillips

“We are thrilled that Erin and Korey are sharing the advice of those who know the importance of fuel, be it for the game or in life. Play on, kids, and have fun!”

—Paul and Stephanie Coffey

"I just wanted to share with you my experience with your new cookbook...I read all of your posts about your newest venture and could not wait to pick up The Ultimate Cookbook for Hockey Families so I did, right after work Friday. I feel like I've learned a lot about nutrition and new ingredients ie. Himilayan salt, quinoa, raw honey, agave syrup, the list goes on. My kids and I have made the following in the last 3 days since buying it at Canadian Tire I kid you not... Quick-Hands Hummus, TrippingTzatziki, Big Rig Ranch Dressing, Visor- Foggin' Asian Dressing, Off-the Draw Egg Salad, Roadie's Ham Salad, Line-Saver Lentil Soup, Power Pucks, Liam's Chocolate Chippies, 3 batches of quinoa, Giroux's Give-n - Go Chicken, Beauty Butter Chicken and we're having Phillip's Stay-at-Home-Penne for dinner. I wasn't going to comment if we didn't like it but you and Korey Kealey should be so very proud. I love this book, I will use these recipes for the rest of my life because they're great and my kids LOVE them! My son read every bit about sleep because he wants to live just like the people he looks up to, just so smartly written, I cannot say enough. Thank you for writing this"

Jody via Facebook

Available Chapters, Costco, Target, Loblaws, Safeway, Shoppers, Farmboy & select Canadian Tire Stores.