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CARHA Hockey

Things to Do Before Next Season

Rec hockey season is just around the corner - are you feeling a little rusty? Here are some things to do this summer to get you ice-ready in no time.

1. Practice in your backyard!
You don't need ice time or a goalie to improve your game! This awesome video shows you how to use a garbage can to practice shooting in your own backyard. The key is to know when and where to shoot, and the garbage can drill helps you master both. If you have a few buddies who are also looking to refresh their skills, get together for a game of old-fashioned road hockey!

2. Get in Shape!
Remember: your summer habits will follow you to the ice! Take the time to eat right and stay active so you can play to the best of your ability and avoid injury. Biking, swimming and playing summer sports are fantastic ways to maintain your cardio while still enjoying the summer. If you're looking for healthy but delicious snack ideas, check out our recipes or look below.

3. Check Your Equipment!
You don't want to find out you need new skates the night before your first game. Take a look at your skates, stick, helmet, and pads to make sure they still fit and aren't worn out. If you need any pointers, check out our tips for purchasing new equipment. Summer is a great time to find cheap deals and avoid the fall rush! Once you have your new gear, try to snag some ice time before fall to make sure the fit is just right.